Business Applications


The Business Application Area of Interest aims to encourage and support the development and implementation of standardised Business Applications in Port Community Systems and Single Windows.


The lead for the Business Application Area of Interest coordinates, reviews and provides advice on all aspects related to the setting up of Business Applications. This includes:

  • Defining, coordinating and keeping under review proposals from members of the logistics sector, as well as national, regional and international level proposals, that may have an impact on the development of Business Applications.
  • Considering and specifying the required targets for Business Applications based on proposals from the logistics sector/national sector/EU and other international organisations.
  • Determining questions of quality assurance in respect of the above.
  • Arranging to assemble, from other sources, data and information from stakeholders in the segment answered by the respective Business Application.
  • Preparing appropriate papers for dissemination relating to the development of suitable Business Applications within IPCSA.

Business Applications lead – VACANT

This and other Areas of Interest are open to all IPCSA members. IPCSA encourages its members to be proactive and provide experience and knowledge to support the lead for the Area of Interest and to suggest and develop new topics, initiatives and projects.

For more information contact Inga Morton, General Manager, IPCSA.