The Research and Development Area of Interest monitors multidisciplinary initiatives launched by organisations and academic Institutions relating to Port Community Systems, Single Windows and related topics.


The aim is to inform and update IPCSA members about:

  • the findings,
  • the area of interest,
  • the trends,
  • future innovation and technology,
  • the opportunities of business applications and development based on research and applied research activities,

The lead for this area, working with the IPCSA Executive, researched projects supported by international and regional organisations. It also tracks initiatives coordinated by international and follows up regional organisations and projects launched by Government-connected public bodies.

Research and Development Lead – VACANT

This and other Areas of Interest are open to all IPCSA members. IPCSA encourages its members to be proactive and provide experience and knowledge to support the lead for the Area of Interest and to suggest and develop new topics, initiatives and projects.

For more information, contact Inga Morton, General Manager, IPCSA.