Standard and Technologies

The Standards and Technologies Area of Interest aims to provide information and advice related to standards to be used, harmonisation and technology, including:


    • Inventarisation between IPCSA members: used standards.
    • Standards should relate to maritime, inland and air transport logistics.
    • Standards in a multinational environment (National Single Window network).
    • New standards, areas to be explored.
    • Development of new standards.
    • Stakeholder management with international standard organisations – including, but not exclusive to, GS1/WCO/SMDG/UN/IMO/DCSA, etc.


    • Harmonisation in using standardised messages between IPCSA members and also with stakeholders.
    • Inventarisation of codes lists used.
    • Inventarisation of local laws compared with EU and International legislations.
    • Technology and innovation developments.
    • New technologies, areas to be explored.
    • Vision on development of new technologies and trends.


The lead for the Standards and Technologies Area of Interest coordinates, reviews and provides advice on all aspects relating to standards, harmonisation and technology.  The Standards & Technology lead and the Chairman of the PROTECT group collaborate to ensure cross group working.  Activities include:

  • Defining, coordinating and keeping under review international standards.
  • Considering and specifying the required vision on new technologies and trends.
  • Determining questions of quality assurance relating to electronic data exchange.
  • Arranging for the assembly, from other sources, data and information from stakeholders in this segment.
  • Preparing appropriate papers.

Standards and Technologies – Lead – Nico De Cauwer, IPCSA

This and other Areas of Interest are open to all IPCSA members. IPCSA encourages its members to be proactive and provide experience and knowledge to support the lead for the Area of Interest and to suggest and develop new topics, initiatives and projects.

For more information, contact Inga Morton, General Manager, IPCSA.