Mission & Objective

IPCSA Mission

Our mission:

“To act in the common interest of IPCSA members to influence public policy at the international level, in order to promote the electronic exchange of information to enable seamless and efficient trade logistics processes. This will be achieved through lobbying, practical initiatives and projects, as well as engagement with the global, regional and national logistics communities and relevant public bodies.”

IPCSA Objectives

In order to achieve its mission, IPCSA has agreed the following objectives:

  1. To ensure that the importance of Port Community System Operators (PCSO), Single Window Operators (SWO) and Sea and Air Port Authorities are recognised internationally relating to the electronic exchange of information and that the sector is consulted substantively on any measure likely to affect them;
  2. To promote the highest possible use of standards within PCSOs, SWOs and Sea and Air Port Authorities and the use of international standards;
  3. To encourage all IPCSA members to be proactive in PCS, SW, and sea port and airport development specifically related to the electronic exchange of data;
  4. To support and promote international, regional and national trade facilitation measures and the integration of PCS, SW and Sea and Air Port Authorities into such measures;
  5. To promote international collaboration for more effective cross-border and port-to-port exchange of data, processes and supply chain visibility.