PCS & SW Development & Support


The Port Community System and Single Window Development Area of Interest encourages and supports the development and implementation of Port Community Systems for sea ports, airports and land border crossing points, as well as Single Window across Europe.


The IPCSA Secretary General, who leads the Port Community System and Single Window Development Area of Interest, coordinates, disseminates and promotes Port Community System and Single Window development in all modes – sea, air and land.  This includes:

  • Coordinating and sharing experiences relating to the development and administration of PCSs and related systems.
  • Disseminating information with regards to the development of PCSs globally in the areas of planning, technology, systems, equipment, procedures and other practices.
  • Promoting the implementation of PCSs with a view to increasing efficiency and productivity in ports and the wider supply chain.
  • Providing an effective forum for the exchange of ideas of common interest with a view to the development of PCSs under competitive conditions within Europe.
  • Preparing appropriate papers for dissemination relating to the development of PCSs in Europe.
  • Providing peer group review of feasibility studies and similar reports that require independent and neutral assessment.
  • Remaining open and transparent, sharing experience and exchanges with members and non-members alike.

Focused Activities

  • Supporting organisations in developing terms of reference for being able to tender out for PCS and SW consultants to ensure they are able to attract the right consultants to develop detailed specifications
  • Online webinars and sessions on Standards, Customs, Data Exchange, Trade Facilitation and Port Community / Cargo Community Systems

Port Community System and Single Window Development Area of Interest lead – Vacant

This and other Areas of Interest are open to all IPCSA members. IPCSA encourages its members to be proactive and provide experience and knowledge to support the lead for the Area of Interest and to suggest and develop new topics, initiatives and projects.

For more information contact Inga Morton, GeneraI Manager, IPCSA.