Sustainability of PCS-services

Sustainability has become more and more important in the last few years and cannot be ignored any more in any single port environment of any kind.

It is no longer a single concern of a Port Authority anymore but one for all related stakeholders in the supply chain. Also, PCS’s and Single Windows of all kinds are more and more considering the sustainability aspects of their digital services.

This new 2024-initiative started with establishing a Working group of IPCSA-members, lead by Stephanie van den Berg, IPCSA ExCo Representative (Portbase),  who want to take part in developing a working programme, set the scope, and an action plan of putting together useful and usable guidelines to take the sustainability factor into the working context of their PCS.

We would kindly invite IPCSA Members to consider possibility to join Sustainability working group, and send us e – mail expressing your interest, and naming participant to:

Inga Morton, General Manager:

More information available on IPCSA Community.  Join Sustainability working group: